Small Venetian Hot Pink Glass Cubes linked with SS Chain, Clasp & Ext Chain with Cube drop

B059  £25

Natural & Emerald Green Mother of Pearl with Sterling Silver Beads & Clasp & MOP Heart Charm

B049  £20

​Cream Crystal Pearls with Green Aventurine & Sterling Silver Clasp & Extension Chain

​B044   £25

Dark Peacock & Cream  Freshwater Pearls with Sterling Silver Beadcaps,tiny beads & Clasp
B033  £40
Silver Grey & Cream Freshwater Pearls wrapped & linked with Sterling Silver wire

​B001   £50

Peridot, Crystals & GF 14k/20 Beads, Links & Clasp

​B093   £50

Jade & Amethyst with a large Baroque FW Pearl & SS Clasp

​B079   £35

Pale Silver Green, Dark Peacock FW Pearls and Crystal Drops on a SS Chain with a Heart Drop

​B065  £40

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Turquoise with SS Links on SS Fine Chain & Clasp
B086  £30

Red Coral & Crystals with Sterling Silver  Clasp

B096   £25

Turquoise Heishi, Onyx & FW Pearls with SS Clasp 

​B078   £30

Dark Peacock FW Pearls & tiny Crystals with SS Beadcaps, Links & Clasp

​B069   £40

Amethyst on a fine SS Rollo Chain

​B098    £25